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European Collaboration on Nonlinear Problems in Beam Dynamics and Transport

H. Mais

In this short contribution I want to describe some of the activities and goals of the European collaboration Nonlinear Problems in Beam Dynamics and Transport. This collaboration is part of the Human Capital Mobility program of the European Community and was approved in 1994 by the European Commission. The program will run for 39 months starting from September 1994. The participating universities and laboratories (together with the local coordinators) are:

The coordinator of the whole net is G. Turchetti from Bologna. The financial support of 150 000 ECU ( or approximately 300 000 DM) is mainly used to pay postdocs and doctoral students working at Bologna, DESY and GSI. Altogether, about 30 scientists are involved in this collaboration.

The scientific program can be divided into three main parts:

  1. stability and structure of phase space
  2. diffusion and transport
  3. high intensity and collective phenomena
In particular, the following topics have been studied in detail:

The results of these investigations are published in joint publications some of which are listed at the end of this report.

This European net has now been in existence for over two years and has proven to be very efficient. The regular exchange of ideas and the frequent visits of the researchers involved to the various partner institutions not only strengthens the collaboration between universities and laboratories but also provides an excellent transfer of knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, this collaboration is ideally suited for training and educating young scientists in the field of beam dynamics.

List of some selected publications:

  1. G. Mahmoud, T. Bountis, G. Turchetti "Synchronization in parametrically driven Hamiltonian systems" Il Nuovo Cimento B110, 1311 (1995)
  2. A. Bazzani, M. Giovannozzi, E. Todesco "A program to compute Birkhoff normal forms of symplectic maps in tex2html_wrap_inline1159" Comp. Phys. Comm. 86, 199 (1995)
  3. M. Giovannozzi, R. Grassi, W. Scandale, E. Todesco "Sorting approach to magnetic random errors" Phys. Rev. E52, 3093 (1995)
  4. G. Servizi, D. Bortolotti, E. Todesco, M. Giovannozzi, M.N. Vrahatis "GIOTTO: a code for the nonlinear analysis of area preserving mappings" Int. J. Mod. Phys C6, 651 (1995)
  5. E. Todesco, M. Giovannozzi "Dynamic aperture estimates and phase space distortions in nonlinear betatronic motion" Phys. Rev. E53, 4067 (1996)
  6. A. Bazzani, R. Bartolini, M. Giovannozzi, W. Scandale, E. Todesco "Tune evaluation in simulations and experiments" Part. Accel. 52, 147 (1996)
  7. M. Giovannozzi, E. Todesco, A. Bazzani, R. Bartolini "PLATO: a program library for the analysis of nonlinear betatronic motion" Nucl. Instrum. and Meth. in press (1996)
  8. G. Dattoli, P.L. Ottaviani, A. Torre, L. Vazquez "Evolution of operator equations: integration with algebraic and finite difference methods, application to physical problems" La rivista del Nuovo Cimento to be published (1996)
  9. E. Todesco, M. Giovannozzi, W. Scandale "Fast indicators of long-term stability" Part. Accel. to appear (1996)
  10. M. Giovannozzi, E. Todesco "Numerical methods to estimate the dynamic aperture" Part. Accel. to appear (1996)
  11. R. Bartolini, A. Bazzani, M. Giovannozzi, W. Scandale, E. Todesco "Precise measurement of the betatron tune" Part. Accel. to appear (1996)

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ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter, No. 11, August 1996