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Web Course on Accelerator Physics

M. Berz
Michigan State University3mm

In the Spring Term of 1997, a remotely broadcast course on Introductory Accelerator Physics will be offered by Michigan State University. It gives individuals all over the world an opportunity to participate in a class that meets at regular times throughout the spring semester on a topic that is usually available only at few university departments and through summer schools. The only technical requirement for participation is access to the World-Wide-Web and/or a PictureTel video-conferencing system.

The course is at early graduate level, and prerequisites are a knowledge of graduate or upper level undergraduate mechanics and electrodynamics. It can either be taken for credit, or in various types of audit schemes, depending on the specific interest and needs of the individual. For the case of non-credit participation, MSU has kindly agreed to waive all student fees. There will be regular homework assignments that will be turned in via email or by fax. Detailed information on the course can be found at At this site it is also possible to be put on a mailing list for future information, and one can sign up for the course. In order to plan resources and distribution requirements, an (even tentative) interest in participation should be expressed as soon as possible. We can take formal applications until the MSU class deadline at the first day of classes. For further questions, please feel free to contact us by email (

ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter, No. 11, August 1996