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ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter

Instructions to authors

Editors in chief: Weiren Chou and John M. Jowett

Templates: MS Word
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The ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter is intended as a channel for describing unsolved problems and highlighting important ongoing works, and not as substitute for journal articles and conference proceedings which usually describe completed work. It is published by the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel, one of whose missions is to encourage international collaboration in beam dynamics.

Normally it is published every April, August and December. The deadlines are 15 March, 15 July and 15 November, respectively.

The categories of articles in the newsletter are the following:

  1. Anouncements from the panel

  2. Reports of Beam Dynamics Activity of a group

  3. Reports on workshops, meetings and other events related to Beam Dynamics.

  4. Announcements of future Beam Dynamics-related international workshops and meetings.

    Those who want to use newsletter to announce their workshops etc can do so. Articles should typically fit within half a page and include descriptions of the subject, date, place and details of the contact person.

  5. Review of Beam Dynamics Problems

    This is a place to put forward unsolved problems and not to be used as the achievement report. Clear and short highlights on the problem is encouraged.

  6. Letters to the editor

    This is a forum open to everyone. Anybody can express his/her opinion on the beam dynamics and related activities, by sending it to one of the editors. The editors reserve the right to reject contributions they judge to be inappropriate.

  7. New Doctoral Theses in Beam Dynamics

    Please send announcements to the editors including the following items (as a minimum):

    • Name, e-mail address and affiliation of the author,
    • Name, e-mail address and affiliation of the superviser
    • Name of the institution awarding the degree,
    • The title of the thesis or dissertation,
    • Date of award of degree.
    A short abstract of the thesis is also very desirable.

  8. Editorial

The editors may request an article following a recommendation by panel members. However anyone who wishes to submit an article is strongly encouraged to contact any Beam Dynamics Panel member before starting to write.

Before starting to write, authors should download the latest model article file, in Microsoft Word format, from

http://wwwslap.cern.ch/icfa/  (link available soon)

It will be much easier to guarantee acceptance of the article if the latest model is used and the instructions included in it are respected.  These model files and instructions are expected to evolve with time so please make sure always to use the latest versions.

The final Microsoft Word file should be sent to one of the editor, preferably the issue editor, by email.

The editors regret that LaTeX files can no longer be accepted: a majority of contributors now prefer Word and we simply do not have the resources to make the conversions that would be needed. Contributions received in LaTeX will now be returned to the authors for re-formatting.

In cases where an article is composed entirely of straightforward prose (no equations, figures, tables, special symbols, Ö ) contributions received in the form of  plain text files may be accepted at the discretion of the issue editor.

Each article should include the title, authorís name(s) and his/her/their e-mail address(es).

Send any comments to ICFABeamDynamicsPanel@cern.ch