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Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshops

38th Laser-Beam Interactions and Laser and Plasma Accelerators (LBI-LPA 2005) National Taiwan University, Taipai, Taiwan December 12-16, 2005
37th Future Light Sources 2006 DESY, Hamburg, Germany May 15-19, 2006
36th Nanobeam 2005 Uji campus of Kyoto Univ, Japan October 17-21, 2005
35th Physics and Applications of High Brightness Electron Beams
(jointly sponsored with the ICFA Advanced and Novel Accelerator Panel)
Erice, Sicily, Italy October 9-14, 2005
34th High Power Superconducting Ion, Proton, and Multi-Species Linacs (HPSL2005) Northern Illinois Univ, USA May 22-24, 2005
33rd High Intensity High Brightness Hadron Beams "HB2004" Bensheim/Darmstadt, Germany October 18–22, 2004
32nd Energy Recovering Linacs (ERL2005) Newport News, USA March 19 - 23, 2005
31st Electron Cloud Effects "ECLOUD04" Napa, California, USA April 19-23, 2004
30th e+e- Factories 2003 Stanford, California, USA October 13-16, 2003
29th Beam Halo Dynamics, Diagnostics, and Collimation (HALO’03)
(included 3rd Workshop on Beam-beam Interactions.
Proceedings published by the American Institute of Physics.)
Long Island, New York, USA May 19-23, 2003
28th 3rd workshop on Quantum Aspects of Beam Dynamics
Joint sponsorship with ICFA panel on Advanced and Novel Accelerators).
Hiroshima, Japan January 6-11, 2003
27th The Physics and Applications of High Brightness Electron Beams near Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy September 20-25 2002
26th Nanometre-Size Colliding Beams CERN, Geneva, Switzerland September 2-6, 2002
25th Symposium on Intermediate Energy Light Sources Shanghai, China September 24-26, 2001
24th Future Light Sources Spring 8 site, Kouto, Japan May 1-4, 2002
23rd High Luminosity e+e- Colliders Cornell University, Ithaca, USA October 15-20, 2001
22nd Ground Motion in Future Accelerators SLAC, USA November 6 - 9, 2000
21st Laser-Beam Interactions Stony Brook, USA June 11-15, 2001
20th High Intensity and High Brightness Hadron Beams Fermilab, USA April 8-12, 2002
19th X ray free electron lasers and their applications    (Proceeding) Aercidosso, Italy Sept 11-15,2000
18th Quantum Aspects of Beam Dynamics Capri, Italy October 15-19, 2000
17th Concepts for Future Light Source Argonne, Illinois, USA April 6-9, 1999
16th Nonlinear and Collective Phenomena in Beam Physics Arcidosso, Italy 1998
15th Quantum Aspects in Beam Physics Monterey, California, USA January 4-9, 1998
14th Beam Dynamics Issues in e+e- Factories Frascati (Rome), Italy October 20-25, 1997
13th 2nd Generation Plasma Accelerators Kyoto, Japan 1997
12th Nonlinear and Collective Phenomena in Beam Physics Arcidosso, Italy 1996
11th Beam Cooling and Instability Damping Moscow/Nizhny Novgoro 1996
10th 4th Generation Light Source Grenoble, France January 22-25, 1996
9th Beam Dynamics and Technology Issues for µ+ µ- Colliders Montauk, NewYork, USA October 15-20, 1995
8th Space Charge Dominated Beams and High Brightness Beams for Advanced Applications Indiana, USA Oct. 11-13, 1995
7th Beam-Beam Issues for Multibunch, High-Luminosity Colliders Dubna May 18-20, 1995
6th Synchro-Betatron Resonances Madeira 1993
5th Effects of Errors in Accelerators, their Diagonosis and Corrections Corpus Christi, TX, USA 1991
4th Collective Effects in Short Bunches KEK, Japan September 24-29,1990
3rd Beam-Beam Effects in Circular Colliders Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk May 29-June 3, 1988
2nd Aperture-Related Limitations of the Performance and Beam Lifetime in Storage Rings Lugano, Switzerland April 11 -16, 1988
1st Production of Low-Emittance Electron and Positron Beams Brookhaven, USA March 20-25, 1987

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